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Adj.1.putrid-smelling - having the putrid odor of decaying organic matter
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Upon visiting the room smaller than 3.3 square meters, where no one could barely set foot due to heaps of putrid-smelling garbage and laundry, the official helped the two-member household apply for a basic welfare program, under which households earning less than 30 percent of the median income are given a monthly state subsidy for housing, medical and other expenses.
Troops fired tear gas canisters at demonstrators and sprayed them with putrid-smelling water.
When the Time Comes takes on the form of a village's necrology, framed by a brutal refrain that swells with each new accident, murder, or suicide, adding yet another skeleton to the village's bone stock: "In the very bottom of the clay vessel where the putrid-smelling bone stock was rendered from the bones of slaughtered animals ...
IN the clay vessel in which the putrid-smelling bone stock was rendered, from the skeletons of slaughtered animals, to be brushed on the horses with a crow's feather around the eyes, nostrils, and belly to protect them from the flies and horseflies that pestered them and sucked their blood, lies the skeleton of the pastor Balthasar Kranabeter, the painter of prayer cards and images of Hell, who lay exposed for days in the church in Pulsnitz, over the skeleton of the five-year-old child, dead from a tractor accident.
Mr Walton's home in the West End area was close to the edge of the Brisbane floods and he told how the whole area had been deluged under water and then thick, putrid-smelling mud.
The storms stirred up sediment, creating a black, putrid-smelling mess that made the water undrinkable.
Beware of touching these beetles, however; their powerful jaws can deliver a painful bite, and the insect's defense mechanism involves spraying its enemies with a putrid-smelling chemical.