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also Putsch  (po͝och)
A sudden attempt by a group to overthrow a government.

[German, from German dialectal, from Middle High German, thrust, of imitative origin.]

putsch′ist n.
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a person taking part in a putsch
of or relating to putchists
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It was used by putschist soldiers in the attempted coup of July 2016.
Al-Iryani added" The terrorist attack on Abha airport by Houthi projectile is clear evidence that Tehran's regime has continued to supply the putschist Houthi militia with ballistic missiles and quality weapons with aim of further increasing the ongoing conflict in the region.
The Alliance for Freedom and Change had announced "the end of all political contact and negotiations with the putschist Council" following the deaths.Burhan said that the military council would order an investigation into it.
Instead of engaging in substantive peace talks, these Iranian-backed putschist militias tend to deceive the international community through maneuvering and partial deals, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted him as saying.
Al-Mekhlafi said: "We need to find the ideal solution which is a return to the talks table, to put an end the war, to return to a sustainable system supported by the people of Yemen, including the putschist parties and those supported by the international community." The country's unity and territorial integrity must be preserved, he added.
"The putschist is already in your country," Erdogan said.
And because of the putschist's conduct, the popularity of Islamists has increased and not declined; and people's sympathy with them [the Islamists] has increased, as has the embrace of other powers and youth movements; and they proved that they are the defenders of the constitutional legitimacy and the democratic process.
The acting interim president became leader without being elected, having being granted the power by the senior putschist dignitaries of the Malian army.
According to the BBC, Morsi's daughter Shaim said that the family is taking local and international legal measures against Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the leader of the bloody military coup, and his putschist group for having abducted Morsi and violated his human rights.
"This condition laid down by the putschist government is unprecedented, they cannot create conditions Zelaya must meet before leaving the country," he said.
"Regular military forces of the putschist military council stormed the premises of the (Sudanese) Professionals Association and prevented a press conference which was scheduled for 07:00 pm on June 29," said the SPA, a coalition of trade unions that spearheads the protests.
For Slim Azzabi, who was speaking today at a press conference, the proposal put forward by President Beji Caid Essebsi testifies that Youssef Chahed is neither "nahdhaoui" nor "putschist".