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also Putsch  (po͝och)
A sudden attempt by a group to overthrow a government.

[German, from German dialectal, from Middle High German, thrust, of imitative origin.]

putsch′ist n.


a person taking part in a putsch
of or relating to putchists
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It's true that PML-N had supported putschist gimmicks like the so called Memogate against the PPP government.
On the political front, the putschist regime dissolved the parliament, political parties and their representatives, who were members of it and imposed emergency laws all over the Sudan, and seized the banks and they by virtue of a deterrent decreed penalty included lynching for every person who owned hard foreign currencies such as the US dollar, British Pound after the forfeiture and the confiscation of the amount.
The putschist is already in your country," Erdogan said.
So much so, the Egyptian putschist, self-anointed field marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, who has outlawed the Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, is going after the Gazans as well for their backing of Hamas.
Seventh: The military putschist behavior is in itself a telling confession of the inability to face the Islamists in free and fair elections.
The acting interim president became leader without being elected, having being granted the power by the senior putschist dignitaries of the Malian army.
According to the BBC, Morsi's daughter Shaim said that the family is taking local and international legal measures against Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the leader of the bloody military coup, and his putschist group for having abducted Morsi and violated his human rights.
This condition laid down by the putschist government is unprecedented, they cannot create conditions Zelaya must meet before leaving the country," he said.
He's been attacked at book length as greedy, corrupt, stupid, and fascist; as an alleged rapist, murderer, drug addict, alcoholic, and alien; as a zealot, putschist, dyslexic, liar, traitor, coward, evil genius, and marionette; with psychoanalysis, philosophy, economics; and, counterfactually, as an African American.
Superintendent Calabresi, in his turn, was a member of the Italian "pare-state," linked to putschist elements in the army and the intelligence services and also to open and covert supporters of Italy's fascist movement.
A few examples will illustrate the richness of the typological range: swabian, Ausleses (plural), to angst (verb), pretzel-stick, porno-kitsch, ur-hippy, putschist, to kraut out, swinehundt, infobahn, Mitteleuropean, Mayfest.
Branko Geroski comments in Sloboden pecat that the gradual consolidation of Zoran Zaev's Government contrary to the attempts of the current Serbian Government to help putschist Nikola Gruevski in his anti-NATO agenda, turned the alarm in Belgrade.