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putt·er 1

1. A short golf club used for putting.
2. A golfer who is putting.

put·ter 2

v. put·tered, put·ter·ing, put·ters
1. To occupy oneself with minor or unimportant tasks.
2. To walk or move in an unhurried or casual manner.
To spend (time) doing minor or unimportant activities: puttered away the hours in the garden.

[Probably alteration of potter, probably frequentative of Middle English poten, to poke, push, from Old English potian.]

put′ter·er n.

put·ter 3

v.intr. put·tered, put·ter·ing, put·ters
1. To make a repeated or intermittent sound like that of a small gasoline engine.
2. To move while making such a sound.

[From putt-putt.]
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Noun1.putterer - a person who putters about
dawdler, laggard, lagger, trailer, poke, drone - someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind
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No, he was the Sunday putterer in his garden, harvesting the largest, reddest strawberries from this very patch of earth.
* Akilah Oliver's re-released chapbook The Putterer's Notebook
Once outside, I'm more of a putterer than a gardener.