putting iron

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Noun1.putting iron - the iron normally used on the putting green
iron - a golf club that has a relatively narrow metal head
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And it's with this final hero that the showrunners get ingeniously sneaky: By putting Iron Fist at the forefront of this story, they give him a chance at redemption from all the negative press he received early this year over whitewashing allegations in his debut series.
It was a achievement Henderson even though engaged in making railway putting iron Amazingly they fitted one to another, ''forming a framework fairy-like and fine for the transparent glass'.
We absolve our responsibility by not teaching them good or bad and then shed our responsibility by putting iron curtains on media.
After the last attack on 10 April 2012, Nabeel is considering putting iron sheets over the windows facing the border, and constructing a 3 foot concrete barrier around the house: "we are always at risk, but I do my best to minimize it for my family.
ISAIAH 40,1 Comfort means more than putting ointment on a wound - it means putting iron in the blood; it means more than wiping away the tears - it means putting light and sparkle back into the eyes; comfort means courage, fortitude, and the will to go on.
Over the last decade or so, many groups of scientists have experimented with putting iron into the oceans deliberately as a fix for climate change.
It's fun to see what can be explored by putting Iron Man in these modern times," Favreau says.