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His lips stammered and halted in the making of noiseless whispers, as, with corrugated brows of puzzlement, he addressed the steward:
Billy scratched his head, on his face exaggerated puzzlement.
Carthoris showed by the expression of his face his puzzlement at each new reference to the mysterious bowmen--the vanishing soldiery of Lothar.
There was an expression of puzzlement upon his fine features.
An expression of puzzlement crossed his features as he bent to search for the wounds which had caused the death of the jungle lord.
The prince rushed to the windows and looked out, but as the suite overlooked the barred den of lions from which, the prince thought, there could be no escape, his puzzlement was only increased.
It does not seem right that women should fear men," said Tarzan, an expression of puzzlement on his face.
The unsuspecting public looked on in puzzlement as a white van arrived at the town's Maes around 3pm yesterday and huge grey-coloured CND letters and its iconic logo were duly unveiled and installed.
Download Bou Assi to Kuwait's alAnba: For constructive dialogue to end puzzlement caused by Hezbollah
So, given that you need places for people to live if you are trying to do just that, it is with some puzzlement that we discover the same party are now proposing to make it easier to build new homes in the South East and harder to do the same in the regions.
The water in the Olympic diving pool appeared to turn a bright green hue on Tuesday, causing puzzlement among divers and audiences as the women's 10 metre platform final progressed.
Then on his countenance would come such a look of puzzlement as he said: 'I'm terribly sorry, I've forgotten the rest of the trick'.