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(ˈpaɪət) ,




(Animals) the magpie
[Middle English piot, from pie2]
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He stopped and looked at me, as I thought, a little oddly; and then, turning to the lawyer, "Mungo," said he, "there's many a man would think this more of a warning than two pyats. Here am I on my road to Duror on the job ye ken; and here is a young lad starts up out of the bracken, and speers if I am on the way to Aucharn."
The Laughter of Carthage is the second novel in the 'Colonel Pyat' quartet, and as such as a recommended read for fans of the first book who want to continue the story begun in Byzantium Endures.
Por ultimo, comunidad de maestros y de grandes hombres: Victor Hugo y Luis Blanc, Rochefort y Felix Pyat, Garibaldi y Mazzini [...].
Odile Krakovitch (dans son ouvrage a paraitre sous le titre La Plume et les ciseaux: Censeurs et dramaturges au XIXe siecle) classe en effet les dramaturges en trois groupes selon leur reaction face a la censure: les "collaborateurs": Scribe, Alexandre Dumas fils, Labiche; les "resignes": Nerval, Vigny, Balzac, pour la monarchie de Juillet, Musset, Augier, Sardou, George Sand, Paul Meurice pour le Second Empire; les "resistants" enfin: Hugo, Alexandre Dumas pere, Frederick-Lemaitre, Felix Pyat et Eugene Sue.
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Deanna Sharpley-Whiting, Black Venus: Sexualized Savages, Primal Fears, and Primitive Narratives in French (Durham NC: Duke UP, 1999); Guy Sabatier, "Le Diable dans les salons (A propos du melodrame Mathilde de Felix Pyat et d'Eugene Sue)," Melodrames et romans noirs 1750-1890, eds., Simone Bernard-Griffiths and Jean Sgard (Toulouse: Presses Universitaires du Mirail, 2000) 399-421; and Barbara T.
As we follow the grimy Boulevard National out of the city center and into the quartiers Nord, heading for his old neighborhood on Rue Felix Pyat, Hafid tells me his story.
Among the literary works Liberty translated and published were Claude Tillier's My Uncle Benjamin,(19) Emile Zola's Money,(20) Octave Mirabeau's A Chambermaid's Diary,(21) Felix Pyat's The Rag Picker of Paris,(22) and Sophie Kropotkin's The Wife of Number 4,237(23)--an account of her experience with her husband Pierre Kropotkin at Clairvaux prison.