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n. pielotomía, incisión de la pelvis renal.
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When there is salvageable renal function, treatment options include pyeloplasty and pyelotomy. Traditionally, open dismembered pyeloplasty has been the gold standard.
Moreover, the pyelotomy incision tends to retract behind the renal substance making intracorporeal suturing more difficult.
We report a rare case of an ante-grade malpositioned and extruded ureteral stent outside of the renal pelvis and its unique successful management via percutaneous antegrade nephroscopic holmium:yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG) laser pyelotomy - a procedure that has not been reported in the literature to date.
After pyelotomy was created, the stone within the renal pelvis was removed intact and placed in a specimen retrieval bag using the stone forceps.