pygmy marmoset

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Noun1.pygmy marmoset - the smallest monkey; of tropical forests of the Amazon
marmoset - small soft-furred South American and Central American monkey with claws instead of nails
Cebuella, genus Cebuella - pygmy marmosets
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Only one monkey species alive today, the teacup-sized pygmy marmoset, is smaller, "but barely," Kay said.
More of the world's most astounding animals lurk beneath the leaves, like the pygmy marmoset and the capybara, whose incredible adaptations to their habitats make them interesting to learn about and crucial to protect.
Sydney Wiseman, a brand manager for the company, saw a post on a social media account showing a pygmy marmoset monkey clinging to a person's finger.
Could he design a small robotic toy that resembled a pygmy marmoset, a tiny Amazonian monkey that Wiseman had been obsessed with since she was a child growing up in Montreal.
A PYGMY marmoset, the world's smallest species of monkey, has given birth to twins at Chester Zoo.
The ( pygmy marmoset is the smallest type of monkey, with adults weighing around a quarter of a pound.
Zookeeper Susan checks in on the new pygmy marmoset twins.
The Zoo RTE One, 7pm This new series on Dublin Zoo features lots of new animals and their stories, from the arrival of the exotic and highly-endangered okapi to the birth of baby monkeys - a white-faced saki baby and pygmy marmoset twins.
We shoot blowguns with the Quichuas and climb 140 feet into the canopy to stand eyeball-to-eyeball with toucans, pygmy marmoset, howler, spider, titi, capuchin and squirrel monkeys.
In contrast, the adorable pygmy marmoset, also known as the dwarf monkey, is only 5 to 6 inches in length, and weighs about 4 ounces.