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n.1.(Med.) Accumulation of air, or other gas, and of pus, in the pleural cavity.
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Pyopneumothorax following suicidal kerosene ingestion.
However, the patient developed pyopneumothorax on right side and needed thoracotomy and decortication.
Excluding patients who did not have a chest tube inserted because their disease was mild and those in whom fibrinolysis was contraindicated (22 pyopneumothorax, 9 pneumatoceles and 5 TB empyema), data on 99 patients from the pre- and post-fibrinolysis periods (TPA 52, no TPA 47) were available for comparative analysis (Fig.
Pyopneumothorax is defined as a collection of pus and air in the pleural cavity.
As Aspergillus pyopneumothorax is a rare clinical entity; to our knowledge, the present case represents the first ever reported from India.
He has pus in his lungs and chest cavity and on his right side is pyopneumothorax and that will happen because of the surroundings of the person, [it] obviously happened due to his staying [with] ten people in one room at his accommodation," the doctor said.
Patients must undergo operations in good time in order to prevent pyopneumothorax.
5 mg/kg every eight hours), which was continued for the next 14 days, along with extensive CT-guided drainage of pyopneumothorax.
patients): bronchopleural fistula (3), pyopneumothorax (2), pneumatoceles (4), lung abscess (1), mechanical ventilation >48 h (2), severe anemia requiring blood transfusion (2), severe hypoalbuminemia requiring seroalbumin replacement (1).
Twenty five randomly selected cases from the admissions of Empyema thoracis or pyopneumothorax in Pulmonary Department of Govt.