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n.1.(Med.) Accumulation of air, or other gas, and of pus, in the pleural cavity.
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He has pus in his lungs and chest cavity and on his right side is pyopneumothorax and that will happen because of the surroundings of the person, [it] obviously happened due to his staying [with] ten people in one room at his accommodation," the doctor said.
patients): bronchopleural fistula (3), pyopneumothorax (2), pneumatoceles (4), lung abscess (1), mechanical ventilation >48 h (2), severe anemia requiring blood transfusion (2), severe hypoalbuminemia requiring seroalbumin replacement (1).
Abstract: Rupture of a coccidioidal pulmonary cavity with subsequent pyopneumothorax is a rare clinical event, even in areas endemic for coccidioidomycosis.