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Adv.1.pyramidically - in a pyramidal manner or shape; "the bush was trimmed pyramidically"
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(58) The immediate consequence of the above was the emergence of a pyramidically structured army with four principal layers: at the top (Colonels and above), westerners, mainly Yoruba, dominated; at the second level of Lieutenant-Colonels and Majors, Igbo dominated while the rank and file at the third and fourth levels were dominated by the Hausa-Fulani (59) Be that as it may, the composition of the January coup planners on the one hand and the victims of the coup on the other subjected Nigeria to further political instability and turmoil thereby making the creation and sustenance of an atmosphere conducive for national development impossible.
The entire apparatus of presidentialism operates in and around the presidential, male, body: "The distance pyramidically installed between the people's general and 'disorderly' interests and the president's judicious distillation of their (singular) interest delivers the president to the nation as a purified body, a man in but not of a body" (Nelson 1998, 218, emphasis in original).
The writer finds his written words accessible for reconsideration, revision and other manipulation until they are finally released to do their work." The plots of novels become less episodic, more tightly wound, until, in 1841, Edgar Allan Poe brings the "pyramidically structured narrative to its peak in his 'Murders in the Rue Morgue'."