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Either of two isomeric unsaturated compounds with the formula C5H6O, having a ring of five carbon atoms and one oxygen atom.

[pyrone, heterocyclic compound (pyr(o)- + -one) + -an.]


(ˈpaɪræn; paɪˈræn)
(Elements & Compounds) an unsaturated heterocyclic compound having a ring containing five carbon atoms and one oxygen atom and two double bonds. It has two isomers depending on the position of the saturated carbon atom relative to the oxygen
[C20: from pyro- + -an]


(ˈpaɪ ræn, paɪˈræn)

either of two compounds having the formula C5H6O, containing one oxygen and five carbon atoms arranged in a six-membered ring.
[1900–05; pyr(one) a heterocyclic ketone (< Greek pŷr fire + -one) + -an2]
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Tenders are invited for procurement od hexa hydro ,hexamethyl cyclopenta gama benzo pyran abbalide (bba), galaxolide(iff),pe
One is the ring-opening reaction of the depolymerized xylan unit through the cleavage of the hemiacetal bond (between oxygen and C-1 on the pyran ring), followed by dehydration between the hydroxyl groups on the C2 and C5 positions.
pyran copolymer-SOD), xanthine oxidase (XO) inhibitor, developed water-soluble form of 4-amino-6-hydroxypyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine (AHPP), heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) inducers (e.
In addition, chromone (a derivative of benzopyran with a substituted keto group on the pyran ring), dinorxanthane sesquiterpene, and other substances isolated from T.
The polyphenolic flavonoids share a basic 15-carbon skeleton core structure (represented as C6-C3-C6) consisting of two phenylbenzene (chromanol) rings linked through a pyran ring.
Their structure is characterized by a three carbon chain (C6-C3-C6) system joined together by two phenyl rings, where C3 is an aliphatic chain and two C6 groups are substituted benzene rings containing a pyran ring (Fig.
Kinetic Study of the Thermal Decomposition of Three Derived from the Pyran ([C.
Forming a six membered ring sugar termed a pyranose; a derivative from a heterocyclic compound pyran.