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[New Latin, from Greek purexis, from puressein, to have a fever, from puretos, fever; see pyretic.]

py·rex′i·al, py·rex′ic adj.
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On admission, the patient was pyrexial with a temperature of 38.
The porcine immune response to ST is also characterised largely by the local production of pro-inflammatory mediators that result in the pyrexial and neutrophil influx considered hallmarks of ST infection (Hobbie et al.
On examination, the patient was pyrexial, tachycardic and with low blood pressure.
On clinical examination, she was pyrexial, pale, and tachypneic with oxygen saturation of 92% on room air.
In patients who were not fit for surgery due to associated injuries to vital organs, were hemodynamically unstable or due to active infection at injury site, or were pyrexial delayed interlocking nailing was performed when their over-all condition improved.