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n. pl. py·ros Slang
1. A person who has a compulsion to set fires; a pyromaniac.
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Coates will join Daniel Rowbottom, Bradley Burns and Zak Fulk in the Leicesterbased Pyro Team for 2018.
Liam Fireworks, also set up in Pyro Zone 2, opened on Friday, selling kuwitis (skyrockets) and sawa (Judas belt).
Pyro 2000 stores its own stocks of fireworks at the site and acts as the Standard Fireworks and Black Cat Fireworks official display team.
The combined institution will operate under the Business First Bank brand, to be refreshed by PYRO.
It was, Hand acknowledges, time for a new challenge - and initial testing with Pyro has got off to a positive start.
Pyro, despite having a gripping story about taboo behavior, is not the strongest reading experience.
He christened it Pyro, after the photographic developing fluid, pyr ocatechol.
Pyro has made a conscious effort to move on to an eco-friendly mode by deploying resources that ensure Green Technology is leveraged in all the platforms and products being deployed with customers.
Pyro's Road Map is also to work with partners such as IBM on solutions which will work in all environments and lead to optimization of Data Centre footprint besides ensuring optimal system design" said SM Reddy, CEO, Pyro Group.
Headquartered in Hyderabad, Pyro, a leading technology solution provider to NGN communication carriers such as Wireless, Wireline, IP and MVNOs, was founded in 1999 and has been providing Telecom Solutions globally for over a decade to more than 500 million subscribers, 150 telecom networks and operations in about 50 countries.
A majority of the models created by Ilion Animation Studios for the film were digitally transferred to the team at Pyro Studios for reuse in the video game.