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 (pī′rō-sĕl′yə-lōs′, -lōz′)
A cellulose nitrate used as a component of smokeless powder.
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Noun1.pyrocellulose - nitrocellulose containing less nitrogen than guncotton; used in making smokeless powder
cellulose nitrate, guncotton, nitrocellulose, nitrocotton - a nitric acid ester; used in lacquers and explosives
Ballistite, smokeless powder - an explosive (trade name Ballistite) that burns with relatively little smoke; contains pyrocellulose and is used as a propellant
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.30-'06), as with earlier service cartridges, its 150-grain point-ed bullet consisted of a lead/tin core inside a cupro-nickel jacket, and was driven to a velocity of 2700 fps by 47-50 grains (depending on lot) of pyrocellulose powder.