pyrogallic acid

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py·ro·gal·lic acid

 (pī′rō-găl′ĭk, -gô′lĭk)
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Noun1.pyrogallic acid - a toxic white lustrous crystalline phenol used to treat certain skin diseases and as a photographic developer
phenol - any of a class of weakly acidic organic compounds; molecule contains one or more hydroxyl groups
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The Lu-IO3 CL reaction in the presence of cobalt could be enhanced by silver NPs and has been used for pyrogallic acid determination [70].
Pyrogallic acid, potassium ferrocyanide, zinc sulphate, and other reagents were of analytical grade.
Following homogenization of 100 mg of pyrogallic acid and 2 mL of triglyceride internal standard solution, 2 mL of ethanol and 10 mL of 8.3 M of HCI were added and mixed.