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Made by the destructive distillation of wood.
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(ˌpaɪrəʊˈlɪɡnɪəs) or


(Chemistry) (of a substance) produced by the action of heat on wood, esp by destructive distillation
[C18: from French pyroligneux, from pyro- + ligneux ligneous]
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Adj.1.pyroligneous - of a substance produced by the effect of heat on wood, especially by destructive distillation
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Table 4: Effects of different mixtures of herbicides and pyroligneous acids on the yield components of rice1
Antioxidant and radical scavenging activities of the pyroligneous acid from a mangrove plant, Rhizophora apiculata.
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In organically managed orchards the species has traditionally been controlled with oils, plant extracts, and solutions such as pyroligneous extract and lime sulfur.
Red Arrow Products, a Wisconsin company that manufactures liquid smoke flavorings from bio-oil, combusts the pyroligneous byproduct of their process, combined with char and noncondensable exit gases, to provide their process heat.
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Ammonia removal characteristics by pyroligneous liquid at livestock farmhouse.
Koyotakara, a Japanese invention, is a teabag-like sachet stuffed full of natural body-cleansing ingredients, including pyroligneous acid which is known for its ability to draw out toxins.
These have not yet completed their useful course; the less corroded parts are cut into strips, punched with small holes, and varnished with a coarse black varnish for the use of the trunk-maker, who protects the edges and angles of his boxes with them; the remainder are conveyed to the manufacturing chemists in the outskirts of the town, who employ them in combination with pyroligneous acid, in making a black die for the use of calico printer" (Babbage [1835] 1986, 11-12).