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Any of various thermometers used for measuring high temperatures.

py′ro·met′ric (-rə-mĕt′rĭk), py′ro·met′ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl) adj.
py′ro·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
py·rom′e·try n.
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The hole provides a way to look into the kiln at different levels (always use eye protection) to see well-placed pyrometric cones that measure the "heat work" (time and temperature) that has occurred.
Its laser systems use industrial process controls, including pyrometric temperature measurement, to maintain a constant temperature during the production process.
Other solutions include equipment for electro-optical systems calibration and testing, and thermal scanners and pyrometric cameras for temperature and combustion monitoring.
Other solutions include equipment for electro-optical systems calibration and testing as well as thermal scanners and pyrometric cameras for remote temperature and combustion monitoring.
The six Zn(II) ions exhibit two different coordinating modes (Figure 3A): Zn1, Zn2, Zn4 and Zn5 atoms are four-coordinated by three O atoms from three different carboxylic acid groups on the [BTB.sup.3-] ligands and one N atom from the deprotonated Im ligand, forming a distorted tetrahedral coordination mode; atoms Zn3 and Zn6 are five-connected by one(two) N atom(s) from the Im ligand(s) and three(two) O atoms from the carboxylic acid groups, resulting in a pyrometric geometry.
The refractoriness test was performed by employing a pyrometric cone equivalent (PCE) test, according to the C-24 ASTM standard [18].
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Tenders are invited for Breakdown maintenance of hardware fittings of primary instruments and pyrometric pressure gauges, temperature gauges / switches and impulse lines of bfp panels etc of 3x210 m.w., ~a~tps, anpara.
A pyrometric process control allows for a constant welding temperature and hence, Rofin says, provides optimised results.
Firing Temperature--cone 06, cone 6, cone 9: The firing temperature or pyrometric cone rating is critical in the description of any glaze.
This environment is very hostile for optical techniques and in particular for pyrometric measurements.