pyrometric cone

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Noun1.pyrometric cone - a pyrometer consisting of a series of cones that melt at different temperatures
pyrometer - a thermometer designed to measure high temperatures
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Firing Temperature--cone 06, cone 6, cone 9: The firing temperature or pyrometric cone rating is critical in the description of any glaze.
These comparisons included complete chemical analyses of the base aggregates, their particle size distribution, AFS GFN, pH, ADV (acid demand value) base permeability, surface area, coefficient of angularity, bulk density and pyrometric cone equivalent values, as well as photomicrographs of the individual size fractions for all of the aggregates.
It is not unusual to have several different clay body formulas for specific pyrometric cone ranges such as cone 9 (2300[degrees]F), cone 6 (2232[degrees]F) and cone 04 (1945[degrees]F).