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A green, brown, or yellow mineral, Pb5(PO4)3Cl, a minor ore of lead.

[German Pyromorphit : Greek puro-, pyro- + Greek morphē, form.]
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(Minerals) a green, yellow, brown, or grey secondary mineral that consists of lead chloro-phosphate in the form of hexagonal crystals. Formula: Pb5Cl(PO4)3
[C19: from German Pyromorphit, from pyro- + Greek morphē form + -ite1, an allusion to the fact that it assumes a crystalline form when heated]
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(ˌpaɪ rəˈmɔr faɪt)

a mineral, lead chlorophosphate-arsenate, Pb5(PO4AsO4)3Cl, occurring in transparent crystals and globular aggregates: a minor ore of lead.
[1805–15; < German Pyromorphit]
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Noun1.pyromorphite - a mineral consisting of lead chloride and phosphate; a minor source of lead
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Fungal transformation of metallic lead to pyromorphite in liquid Medium.
Compared to Pb[(OH).sub.2], pyromorphite has a much lower solubility and a greater capacity to resist acid or alkaline attack [52, 53].
Moreover, in TEM images it is easy to observe the formation of a new phase (pyromorphite) with a plate-like morphology (especially in the case of HApTh-450 samples).
Prior to the Bronze Age the site may also have been an important source of colourful pigments in the form of yellow pyromorphite, black manganese wad, and of green and blue copper carbonates; something which might be indicated by the presence of Mesolithic hunting camps close to the possible sites of mineral extraction (Timberlake 2009).
[64] reported the release of Pb from pyromorphite [[Pb.sub.5][(P[O.sub.4]).sub.3]Cl] by citric, malic, acetic, and oxalic acids.
I saw thumbnails from Franklin, New Jersey and from Maine, Germany, Switzerland and other desirable places; hematite roses from the Alps and pyromorphite from Germany and Pennsylvania come to mind especially.
Many investigators have provided conclusive evidence for the ability of phosphate to immobilise dissolved Pb in contaminated soils through precipitation as fluoropyromorphite, pyromorphite, hydroxypyromorphite, and chloropyromorphite, and as hopeite in the case of Zn (Bolan et al.
While the [Ca.sup.2+] and [Pb.sup.2+] compounds are isostructural, they are in separate series due to the difficulty of substituting Pb for Ca in the apatite series or of substituting Ca for Pb in the pyromorphite series [25].
Fish bones are made of the phosphate mineral apatite, which readily combines with lead to form pyromorphite, a stable crystalline mineral that can't be absorbed by the human digestive system.(1,2) Now researchers are using fish bones and other phosphate-rich amendments to remediate lead in urban soils.
These include arsentsumebite, tsumebite, corkite, fornacite, duftite, caledonite, kettnerite, linarite, leadhillite, brochantite, mimetite, pyromorphite, vanadinite and wulfenite.