pyrophosphoric acid

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py·ro·phos·phor·ic acid

A glacial or syrupy viscous liquid, H4P2O7, used as a catalyst and in organic chemical manufacture.

pyrophosphoric acid

(Elements & Compounds) a crystalline soluble solid acid formed by the reaction between one molecule of phosphorus pentoxide and two water molecules. Formula: H4P2O7. See also polyphosphoric acid

py′ro•phos•phor′ic ac′id

(ˈpaɪ roʊ fɒsˈfɔr ɪk, -ˈfɒr-, ˌpaɪ-)
a crystalline, water-soluble powder, H4P2O7, used as a catalyst.
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Noun1.pyrophosphoric acid - a solid acid formed by reactions of orthophosphoric acid
polyphosphoric acid - a series of oxyacids of phosphorus
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Tenders are invited for pyrophosphoric acid (diphosphoric) TU BY 101184648.001-2007, TU 6-09-5361-87 or acid diphosphoric (pyrophosphoric) (H4P2O7) according to the physicochemical parameters in accordance with specification No.
Phosphoric acid changes to pyrophosphoric acid above 180[degrees]C and then detached from the main chain.
The pyrophosphoric acid produced during this second PCR is later detected electrochemically.