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 (pī′rō-fĭl′īt′, pī-rŏf′ə-līt′)
A silvery white or pale green aluminum silicate mineral, Al2Si4O10(OH)2, occurring naturally in soft compact masses.
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(Minerals) a white, silvery, or green micaceous mineral that consists of hydrated aluminium silicate in monoclinic crystalline form and occurs in metamorphic rocks. Formula: Al2Si4O10(OH)2
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(ˌpaɪ rəˈfɪl aɪt, paɪˈrɒf əˌlaɪt)

a mineral, hydrous aluminum silicate, Al2Si4O10(OH)2, usu. having a white or greenish color and occurring in foliated and granular masses.
[1820–30; < German Pyrophyllit; so called because it exfoliates when heated. See pyro-, -phyll, -ite1]
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Noun1.pyrophyllite - a white or greenish aluminum silicate mineral (resembles talc)
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Patchy texture, with dickite and pyrophyllite was also observed and mapped on surface 300 meters to the north of drill hole FMSC18006 and remains a compelling target for future testing.
Previous studies (Calagari and Abedini, 2007) indicated that most common mineral phases in this horizon were diaspore, hematite, kaolinite, nacrite, chlorite, pyrophyllite, quartz, muscovite, rutile, calcite, and magnesio-sidero-riebeckite.
Minerals typical of high temperature environments, such as silica and pyrophyllite, have been recognized in the area.
They are based on expandable layered kaolin and serpentine a 2:1 layered silicate such as phyllosilicate, talc, or pyrophyllite. These hybrids involve interlayer or exchangeable metal cations to balance charges like alkali metals or alkali earth metals.
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