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 (pī′rə-tĕk′nĭk) also py·ro·tech·ni·cal (-nĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to fireworks.
2. pyrotechnic Resembling fireworks; brilliant: a pyrotechnic wit; pyrotechnic keyboard virtuosity.

py′ro·tech′ni·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.pyrotechnical - of or relating to the craft of making fireworks; "pyrotechnic smokes"
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Its mellifluous music was a foil to the pyrotechnical series of lifts, twirling tosses in the air and partnering manoeuvres with standing splits on points.
Sweat is sluicing off me in the relentless midday sun, but artists from India and squads of tightly drilled dancers look serene as they cajole crowds into a toe-tapping sing-along to The Bare Necessities, I Wanna Be Like You and Trust In Me, culminating in an impressive pyrotechnical effect, inspired by the coloured powder thrown during Holi.
Pyrotechnicians designed more than 26,000 visual effects, for the purposes of which 6,500 pyrotechnical elements will have to be installed.
A great combination of military, classical, folk and popular music, spectacular military band parades and stunning dance shows, laser and pyrotechnical effects makes the festival one of the brightest and most memorable events of the year.
Trayal is a Serbian corporation that produces pyrotechnical devices, explosives, tires, protective devices and rubber goods.
He might not even have been at his pyrotechnical best but an opening stand of 160 - the highest of the tournament - tells its own welcome story.
But then two nefarious strangers identify her little brother as the pyrotechnical prodigy they need to enact an evil plan, and it will take all Lucy's fighting instincts to keep her family together.
The Saturday show is known as the "Fabulous Finale," sort of like the big fireworks that get pulled out at the end of the pyrotechnical display.
KARACHI -- Massive hoard of pyrotechnical equipment including fireworks was recovered late Sunday night and one man arrested after authorities carried out a raid in the city's Landhi area.
But the optimist who lodges in a journalist's heart claims that Erdogan's pyrotechnical rush to disaster will stop once he is anointed president next year with a massive election victory.
Starting with a 10-second pyrotechnical countdown to welcome the New Year, the first experience was that of a canopy of glittering chrysanthemums greeting visitors.