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 (pī′rə-tĕk′nĭk) also py·ro·tech·ni·cal (-nĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to fireworks.
2. pyrotechnic Resembling fireworks; brilliant: a pyrotechnic wit; pyrotechnic keyboard virtuosity.

py′ro·tech′ni·cal·ly adv.


in a pyrotechnical manner
References in classic literature ?
The quiet stranger had sprawled very pyrotechnically out on the sidewalk.
Fmv intends to replace the co2 system on strb 90h for a type of pyrotechnically generated aerosol.
If a roll-over is imminent, these cartridges are pyrotechnically fired, whereupon they shoot out to provide a survival space together with the A-pillar.
The Light is more potent than the dark, but Eru, the source of this Light, does not intervene as pyrotechnically as those who work in the absence of the light.
The poem is reminiscent of Christopher Okigbo's laudatory "Come Thunder": Labyrinths (1971), in which he pyrotechnically prophesied the Nigerian civil war of 1967 to 1970:
Another simulation method, pyrotechnically excited resonant fixture techniques, is suitable to simulate stress wave propagation near a pyroshock source but they do not have joints like an actual source [13-16, 23].
Not before I'd spent half an hour sweating and swearing pyrotechnically over the 'Troubleshooting' section in the instruction manual.
In this same spirit of genital theology or, to transplant a twenty-first-century term, "sex positivity," N-Town stages the Annunciation as a pyrotechnically dazzling celebration of consummation.
Safety is taken very seriously and there's a rigid steel passenger cell and pyrotechnically activated, spring-loaded high strength bars which automatically deploy behind the rear seats.
Dettori's stint with Godolphin was always likely to end pyrotechnically. Both he and Sheikh Mohammed are irrepressible; although they seemed in harmony on the surface, Dettori was not always flavour of the month.
In case of roll-over, pyrotechnically activated spring-loaded high-strength bars automatically deploy behind the rear seats.