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An igneous rock consisting chiefly of pyroxenes.

py·rox′e·nit′ic (-nĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) a very dark coarse-grained ultrabasic rock consisting entirely of pyroxene minerals


(paɪˈrɒk səˌnaɪt, pə-)

any rock composed essentially, or in large part, of pyroxene of any kind.
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39[degrees]97'E SEF 1556 Plot Parent material 1 Homblende-biotite gneiss 2 Homblende-biotite gneiss 3 Homblende-biotite gneiss 4 Amphibolite 5 Homblende-biotite gneiss 6 Homblende-biotite gneiss 7 Granite gneiss 8 Biotite-pegmatite 9 Granite gneiss 10 Granite gneiss 11 Homblende-biotite gneiss 12 Homblende-biotite gneiss 13 Homblende-biotite gneiss 14 Homblende-biotite granulite 15 Homblende-biotite gneiss 16 Homblende-biotite gneiss 17 Gametiferous pyroxenite granulite 18 Homblende-biotite granulite Table 2.
The mine produces apatite from a hard pyroxenite ore, with the VRM being used to grind the output from a secondary crusher to produce flotation plant feed.
For example, Mauna Loa contains higher proportions of an igneous rock called pyroxenite, which comes from subducted ocean crust that typically melts at deeper levels than the model suggests.
Nickel deposits in the country are predominantly associated with laterite ores (limonite being a member of the laterite family), but are also found in dunite, pyroxenite and gabbroic rocks as stated by the Philippines' Mines and Geosciences Bureau.
A possible role for garnet pyroxenite in the origin of "garnet signature" in MORB.
The Tajno massif is composed of alkaline rocks ranging from syenite to pyroxenite, cut by carbonatite veins (Krystkiewicz & Krzeminski 1992; Ryka 1992; Ryka et al.
The crustal section of the Muslim Bagh ophiolite consists of bands of dunite wehrlite pyroxenite at the base overlain by the layered and foliated gabbro.
In the Saghand region, the Chaydouni--Posht Badam complex rocks (Amphibolites, Gneisses, Schists, Migmatites, Anatectites) are indicative of a tectonic melange of Precambrian metamorphic rocks that have been transformed into Serpentinite together with Pyroxenite and pyroxene--olivine-bearing rocks [3].
Ce anomaly in minerals of eclogite and garnet pyroxenite from Dabie-Sulu ultrahigh pressure metamorphic belt: Tacking subducted sediment formed under oxidizing conditions.
The drilling also indicated that sulphides are regularly present in altered peridotite and pyroxenite gneisses underlying the mineralized laterite.
2) Contact zone between two units, an olivine gabbro and an olivine pyroxenite, within the intrusive complex; the outcropping veins occur along this contact on the east and south east sides of the complex.
Pakistan has enormous wealth of decorative and building stones such as granites, diorite, dunite, tanatite, pyroxenite, serpentite, gabbro, onyx, marble of different shades, recrystallized limestone, fossiliferrous limestone, sand stone, magnesium sandstones etc.