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 (pĭr′ə-tīt′) also pyr·rho·tine (-tīn′)
A brownish-bronze iron sulfide mineral, FeS, characterized by weak magnetic properties and used as an iron ore and in the manufacture of sulfuric acid. Also called magnetic pyrites.

[Alteration (influenced by -ite) of German Pyrrhotin, from Greek purrotēs, redness, from purros, fiery, from pūr, fire; see paəwr̥ in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈpɪrəˌtaɪt) or


(Minerals) a common bronze-coloured magnetic mineral consisting of ferrous sulphide in hexagonal crystalline form. Formula: FeS
[C19: from Greek purrhotēs redness, from purrhos fiery, from pur fire]
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(ˈpɪr əˌtaɪt)

a bronze-colored magnetic mineral, iron sulfide, occurring in massive and in crystal forms.
[1868; < Greek pyrrhót(ēs) redness + -ite1]
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Noun1.pyrrhotite - a brownish iron sulfide mineral (FeS) having weak magnetic propertiespyrrhotite - a brownish iron sulfide mineral (FeS) having weak magnetic properties
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Gold mineralization in the sulphurised (pyrrhotite, pyrite, and chalcopyrite) BIF; which is coincident with chargeability anomalies defined by a VTEM geophysical airborne survey flown in 2015, according to the Optionee.
Subsequent prospecting on the property has also revealed large, angular, pyrrhotite and quartz mineralized boulders on a new logging road.
Pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, molybdenite and scheelite are present.
She is currently researching cement solidification in the microgravity environment plus 3D printing of concrete (separate NASAfunded projects), plus pyrrhotite reactivity in concrete (funded by NSF).
Pyrrhotite and pyrite have been reported as the most
(2) The first event of mineralization that presents quartz with massive texture, and coarse-grained pyrite with small inclusions of gold and is associated with galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite.
The most cited monosulfides are tetragonal mackinawite, hexagonal troilite, monoclinic pyrrhotite, and hexagonal pyrrhotite, all which are relatively stable in oxygen-free acid media [21-23].
The [delta][sup.34]S values of two pyrrhotite samples are between 3.9 [per thousand] and 4.6 [per thousand], with a mean of 4.3 [per thousand]; the [delta][sup.34]S values of three molybdenite samples are between 2.7 [per thousand] and 4.7 [per thousand], with a mean of 3.8 [per thousand]; the [delta][sup.34]S values of three chalcopyrite samples are between 2.0 [per thousand] and 4.4 [per thousand], with a mean of 2.9 [per thousand]; the [delta][sup.34]S values of five pyrite samples are between -1.3 [per thousand] and 2.9 [per thousand], with a mean of 1.88 [per thousand]; and the [delta][sup.34]S values of one sphalerite sample is 1.3 [per thousand].
Summary: Norilsk Nickel has reported an unexpectedly weak 1Q17 trading update, with a 5% fall in own nickel production and a 17-28% YoY decline in palladium/platinum output, affected by the slow ramp-up of downstream facilities and also the high dilution in processing its depleting pyrrhotite concentrate feedstock at Polar division.
Fine grained nickel and copper sulphides indentified in petrography included pentlandite, millerite and chalcopyrite in association with pyrrhotite and pyrite.