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1. A five-membered heterocyclic ring compound, C4H5N, having an odor similar to chloroform, that is the parent compound of protoporphyrin.
2. Any of various derivatives of this compound.

[Greek purros, red (from pūr, fire; see pyre) + -ole.]

pyr·ro′lic (pĭ-rō′lĭk) adj.
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(ˈpɪrəʊl; pɪˈrəʊl)
(Elements & Compounds) a colourless insoluble toxic liquid having a five-membered ring containing one nitrogen atom, found in many naturally occurring compounds, such as chlorophyll. Formula: C4H5N. Also called: azole
[C19: from Greek purrhos red, from pur fire +-ole1]
pyrrolic adj
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(pɪˈroʊl, ˈpɪr oʊl)

a colorless, toxic, liquid, five-membered ring compound, C4H5N, that is a component of chlorophyll and hemin.
[1825–35; < Greek pyrr(hós) red]
pyr•rol•ic (pɪˈrɒl ɪk, -ˈroʊ lɪk) adj.
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In the presence of an initiator, aniline and pyrrole are polymerized In delonized water containing a surfactant to form hollow carbon precursors.
We began a corrective nutrient protocol to treat the pyrrole disorder and zinc deficiency.
Of the insecticides tested, the spinosyns (spinetoram, spinosad) and the pyrrole chlorfenapyr were the most effective against both thrips species with [LD.sub.50] values below 1 [micro]g per mL for both species.
Azoles are heterocyclic compounds that are structurally related to the 5-membered ring compound pyrrole. The molecular structure of pyrrole is shown in Figure 1, below, along with the structures of 3 simple azole compounds.
She announces a "Pyrrole orange flash of insight." The grief colors that come with the loss of a very close friend are "muddy gray mashing down" and "green-tinged brown on an unwashed palette."
To talk common sense?" He added,"Why do you have to study something that is outdated, that is industry backed, that is biased, that is not getting the results?" Engaging is difficult when the alternative-health proponents are on such a different astral plane that it is a challenge even to find common language for a conversation, especially when they promote spurious concepts such as"pyrrole disease," which they can speak about in great, false detail, drawing the well-informed physician, dietitian or scientist into a vortex of personal anecdote and ancient wisdom, with quips about big pharma thrown in for good measure.
Cecchi and co-workers [2] investigated the behavior of DCP in nucleophilic aromatic substitutions in pyrrole and indole systems in 2006.
These compounds were chosen because they each contain a pyrrole moiety functionalized with a carbonyl group.
Copper chloride dehydrate (Cu[Cl.sub.2] x 2([H.sub.2]O)) and Pyrrole (Py) were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich.
Then 0.01 M of pyrrole was injected slowly in the above mixture for the polymerization of the pyrrole monomer.