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1. Of, relating to, or resembling a python.
2. Of or resembling an oracle; prophetic.
3. Of extraordinary size and power.


(paɪˈθɒn ɪk, pɪ-)

prophetic; oracular.
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Do they even read the fulsome praise and vile aspersions (the latter far outnumber the former) that the public screams at these prophetesses who periodically emerge from pythonic serenity to recommend Carl's Jr.
He covers Pythonic thinking, functions, classes and inheritance, metaclasses and attributes, concurrency and parallelism, built-in-modules, collaboration, and production.
Dress pounds 50 Betty Barclay at John Lewis Neon Clutch pounds 200 Safor at House of Fraser Bag pounds 37 from River Island Dress pounds 130 Karen Millen Pythonic business folio pounds 44.