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(ˈkɑːdɪ; ˈkeɪdɪ)
n, pl -dis
(Islam) a variant spelling of cadi


(ˈkɑ di, ˈkeɪ-)

n., pl. -dis.
a judge in a Muslim community, whose decisions are based on Islamic religious law.
[1895–1900; < Arabic qādī judge]
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Noun1.qadi - an Islamic judge
judge, jurist, justice - a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice
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Audio recording leaked last year, purportedly between Qadi and Bilal Erdoy-an, revealed that Qadi is trying to direct the government's foreign policy.
Mohammad Sultan Al Qadi, CEO of RAK properties said: "We are currently engaged in the development of the Flamingo and Bermuda villas at our flagship development, Mina Al Arab.
The main concern for both tutor and qadi was to provide the princes with a proper education and this required some clarifications in the form of Risalat dhat al-bayan to accompany Ibn Qutayba's Adab al-katib.
48 seconds to take the first place, while Saeed Nasir Al Qadi (55.
Mohammed Sultan Al Qadi, managing director and CEO, RAK Properties, said that the 2014 performance reflects positively on the current value of its assets, which have been cumulatively valued at Dh4.
We are very positive [of growth] between 3-5 per cent," Mohammad Sultan Al Qadi said.
For his part, Minister of Internal trade and the Protection of Consumer Samir Qadi Amin said that the policy of returning from liberating prices for a number of food, wears and eclectic materials started to impact positively the markets as many goods' prices have gradually dropped.
Abdullah Al Qadi, Director of Exploration & Production and member of Crescent Petroleum Executive Committee, said, "The licensing round is a great opportunity for Yemen to better explore its oil prospects and raise its current output which will highly benefit Yemen and its people".
Emirati Mohammad Al Qadi, who launched the 'Gift for Good' campaign, said they are hoping to collect a wide variety of toys and books and send them to children at the Olive Tree Camp run by the Maram Foundation on the Turkish border by the end of Ramadan.
MP Isa Al Qadi insisted on reading out a letter consisting of demands from Bahrain's elderly community, despite being told to remain silent several times.
The UN Security Council's Al Qaeda sanctions committee decided Friday to remove Saudi businessman Yasin Abdullah Ezzedine Qadi from the UN sanctions list, German UN Ambassador Peter Wittig announced.
Contributors were asked to construct their essays around one or more court judgments, include a translation of an exemplary legal document, and/or focus on the application of fiqh (legal doctrine) by the qadi (judge) in the daily practice of judging.