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An ancient irrigation system consisting of a tunnel dug at a very slight upward gradient into rising ground so that water from deep within the earth runs out to the surface. Qanats were developed in Persia and later adopted throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

[Persian qanāt, from Arabic qanāh, qanāt-, tube, canal, qanat; akin to Hebrew qāne and Akkadian qanû, reed; see qnw in Semitic roots.]


(Civil Engineering) an underground channel for directing irrigation water
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Leading Qatari shareholding firm United Development Company (UDC), master developer of The Pearl-Qatar, said it will auction nine luxury townhouses in Qanat Quartier.
Antica Pesa offers guests beautiful views of Qanat Quartier and the Arabian Gulf, with inside or outside dining on the terraces.
It is a water outlet below the surface of the ground, and Qanat is also called kariz.
The Pearl-Qatar's retail and hospitality expansion plans continue to unfold in Porto Arabia and Qanat Quartier - the island's other two main retail areas aside from Medina Centrale - with another big indoor sporting facility, "Gymito", spanning an area of 2,000 sq m.
UDC has so far completed approximately 100 percent of The Pearl-Qatar's basic infrastructure as well as major districts of Porto Arabia, Qanat Quartier and Medina Centrale.
Written by Badawi Habak Translated by Rasha Zantout NNA - The road that leads to the church and grotto of Saint Shallita takes you through the village of Qanat to the farm of Bani Saab, then the valley of Saint Shallita in Bcharre district.
During the last 12 months, a third area, Qanat Quartier, has been completed, being designed as a Venice of the Middle East, with architecture from that region.
The Doha project has undergone its fair share of challenges from the time its construction started in 2004, however master developer United Development Company (UDC) has confirmed 100% of the infrastructure of the man-made island, as well as the Porto Arabia, Qanat Quartier and Medina Centrale districts, is finished.
Agricultural development projects have promoted the vast use of motorized pumps and wells and therefore replaced traditional and sustainable qanat systems.
Ghulam Farooq Barakzai, the Review Board member Abdul Shakoor Dadras, Abdul Karim Qanat and Defence Ministry official Anwar Shah.
Some run the air down to the basement and over a pool of water from a qanat in order to cool it more before running it through the living spaces.
So far, it is known from the type locality, Zarjan spring system, east of Shiraz, near Fasa, which flows into the Mond River and in a qanat system near Jahrom (Esmaeili et al.