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n. pl. qi·paos

[Mandarin qípáo, loose gown worn by Manchu women during the Qing Dynasty, cheongsam : , banner, any of the eight administrative units into which the mostly Manchu ruling class of the Qing Dynasty was organized (from Middle Chinese gı̷i, from Old Chinese *gəi) + páo, long gown, robe (from Middle Chinese pɦuaw, from Old Chinese *bû).]
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Theme of this activity is Chinese traditional Qipao dresses, tea and music.
Yang also received a bespoke cheongsam (or qipao) as a present, made by a local tailor.
This intimacy is again made subliminally apparent in the dress-repairing scene where Gu takes off Li's Qipao dress and offers to fix it (Figure 7).
Ms Gao's entry combines a qipao collar with elegant blue-and-white porcelain patterns to highlight the beauty of the two heritages, demonstrating her creativity through a combination of rich materials.
Among the performances will be demonstrations of Chinese martial art, fashion shows presenting traditional Chinese garments qipao and hanfu, classic Chinese dances such as the Snow Lion and children's street dance.
Qipao bracelet with diamonds (51.63-carats), set in platinum
Maggie Cheung, in a qipao, stirs her coffee with a small spoon.
But viewers seemed less than impressed with these coyboy style boots that she wore with this Qipao inspired dress.
These include the qipao art show, symphony concert by Chinese conservatory musicians, short film show and outdoor film festival.
Following the tradition, Uy, who was wearing a silvery modern take on qipao, entered the room walking backward to avoid negative energy.
--Si nos llevas a ver algun dialogo aburrido, me habre puesto el qipao en vano.
For instance, when with her husband, Peng would wear traditional Chinese costumes such as robe, calico or phoenix coat, or qipao (cheongsam in Cantonese) with silk fabrics, cloud patterns, and pankou, a typical Chinese button.