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quad 1

A quadrangle: cadets forming up in the barracks quad.

quad 2

n. Printing

quad 3

1. Something having four identifiable or prominent parts or members.
2. Something capable of carrying or moving four people or things, as a chairlift.
3. A quadruplet.

quad 4


quad 5

n. Slang
A quadriceps muscle: stretched her quads before sprinting.
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(Architecture) short for quadrangle2


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing a block of type metal used for spacing


a variant spelling of quod


short for quadruplet1


adj, n
(Electronics) short for quadraphonic or quadraphonics
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a quadrangle, as on a college campus.



n., v. quad•ded, quad•ding. n.
1. Also called quadrat. a piece of type metal of less height than the lettered types, serving to cause a blank in printed matter, used for spacing.
2. to space out (matter) by means of quads.
[1875–80; short for quadrat]



a quadruplet.
[1895–1900; shortened form]


1. quadraphonic.
2. quadraphonic sound, or an electronic system for reproducing it.
[1965–70; by shortening]



a quadriplegic.
[1975–80; by shortening]


a unit of energy equal to a quadrillion British thermal units.
[1970–75; short for quadrillion]
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Noun1.quad - one of four children born at the same time from the same pregnancy
sib, sibling - a person's brother or sister
2.quad - a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg
extensor, extensor muscle - a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part
thigh - the part of the leg between the hip and the knee
3.quad - (printing) a block of type without a raised letter; used for spacing between words or sentences
hair space - (printing) the narrowest of the spaces used to separate words or letters
type - a small metal block bearing a raised character on one end; produces a printed character when inked and pressed on paper; "he dropped a case of type, so they made him pick them up"
printing process, printing - reproduction by applying ink to paper as for publication
4.quad - a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings
area - a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function; "the spacious cooking area provided plenty of room for servants"
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An area partially or entirely enclosed by walls or buildings:
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1. (Archit)
see quadrangle 2
2. =quadruplet
3. =quadruple
4. (Typ) → cuadratín m
B. CPD quad bike N motocicleta de cuatro ruedas
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[ˈkwɒd] n abbr
(=quadruplet) → quadruplé(e) m/f
(=quadrangle) (= courtyard) → cour fquad bike nquad m
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abbr of quadrangleHof m
abbr of quadrupletVierling m
(Typ) abbr of quadratQuadrat nt, → Blockade f; em quadGeviert nt; en quadHalbgeviert nt
(Comput) abbr of quadruple; quad densityVierfachdichte f

quad (ATV)

, quad bike
n (= four-wheeler)Quad nt, → vierrädriges Motorrad
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(ˈkwodrӕŋgl) noun
(abbreviation quad (kwod) ) a four-sided open space surrounded by buildings, especially in a school, college etc.
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But the quad and the fives-courts did not look a day older; the ivy was no thicker round the study windows; and in one boy's castle we found the traditional print of Charing Cross Bridge which had knocked about our studies ever since a son of the contractor first sold it when he left.
I remember how the gravel hurt as we left the smooth flagged margin of the house for the open quad; but the nearer of two long green seats (whereon you prepared your construe for the second-school in the summer term) was mercifully handy; and once in our rubber soles we had no difficulty in scaling the gates beyond the fives-courts.
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He said quad bike riding was a way of diversifying sport tourism, adding that customers had to part with P20 for a single ride.
Quad said it plans to work together with LSC to contest the DOJ's allegations.
The Savills team of Vice Chairman Marc Shapses, Senior Managing Director Roi Shleifer and Assistant Director Seth Wasserman secured Quad Prep's home for kindergarten through 8th grade students at 25 Pine Street in 2016.
On September 20, Quad County's No Veteran Will Die Alone program received a wonderful donation of 12 care blankets and a generous monetary donation of $1,000.
The silver Saab car was towing the quad bike along Tedder Avenue, at the junction of Whitley Road, in Thornaby, when police attempted to stop the car.
De Castro explained that the recent use of the term 'Indo-Pacific region' in policy circles is related to the formation of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (or QUAD) in 2007, which brought the four powers together in a loose security association.
Quad and Mariah, who were once thick as thieves, had a major falling out in the earlier seasons, when Mariah began accusing Quad of allowing fame to change her.