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Noun1.quadrantanopia - blindness in one fourth of the visual field
vision defect, visual defect, visual disorder, visual impairment - impairment of the sense of sight
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10 This patient has a homonymous quadrantanopia. Given the visual field shown for the left eye, what visual field defect would be found in the right eye'
Within 1 hour, the symptoms had improved with limb weakness fully resolved, and NIHSS score was 2 (facial paralysis and quadrantanopia).
More rarely, hemianopia can affect one-quarter of the vision in each eye (referred to as quadrantanopia), or cause a complete loss of peripheral vision in both eyes (bitemporal hemianopia, also known as tunnel vision).
Nearly 20-60% of stroke survivors have permanent or resolving visual field deficits usually homonymous hemianopia or quadrantanopia, and 70% may be affected by eye movement disorders [7].
Her recovery was significant however; and at a 1-month followup her only deficits were mild speech difficulties, right quadrantanopia on her vision, and mild right-sided weakness.
(b) A visual field test on admission identified a central scotoma in the right eye and quadrantanopia in the left (L) eye.
VF defects revealed central scotoma in 26 eyes (53.1%), paracentral scotoma in 12 eyes (24.5%), cecocentral defects in 6 eyes (12.2%), blind spot enlargement in 3 eyes (6.1%), and quadrantanopia in 2 eyes (4.1%) within 1 week after onset.
The physical examination revealed a right homonymous upper quadrantanopia. The neurologic examination was within normal limits, except for the visual deficit and unequal pupil size.
He had a right homonomous hemianopia, a left inferior quadrantanopia, right lower extremity hyperreflexia, and right extensor plantar response.
Visual field testing revealed left homonymous superior quadrantanopia with normal visual acuity.
Other defects that can be seen are superior quadrantanopia.
Visual field testing revealed bilateral inferior quadrantanopia. When he was 11 years old he attracted our attention during clinical evaluation of epilepsy.