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also quad·ri·phon·ic  (kwŏd′rə-fŏn′ĭk)
Of or for a four-channel sound system in which speakers are positioned at all four corners of the listening space, reproducing signals that are independent of each other.

qua·draph′o·ny (kwŏ-drăf′ə-nē) n.


or quad•ri•phon•ic

(ˌkwɒd rəˈfɒn ɪk)

of or pertaining to the recording, reproduction, or transmission of sound by means of four channels instead of two; four-channel.
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Adj.1.quadraphonic - of or relating to quadraphony; "his quadraphonic sound system"


[ˌkwɒdrəˈfɒnɪk] ADJcuatrifónico


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His world famous Desert Trip in 2016 featured the biggest quadraphonic sound system ever built and his latest tour promises to be just as good, with new technology to create a truly jaw-dropping spectacle.
But it was these recordings with the CBSO for the EMI label, some of them utilising the gimmicky quadraphonic technique, which really launched the orchestra on the worldwide radar, and some of them remain go-to performances even today, 40 years or so since they were set down.
1973 * The first recording of Copland conducting the original ballet score of Appalachian Spring was released in both stereo- and quadraphonic LP releases by Columbia Masterworks.
Remastered quadraphonic recording from Philips Classics dating 1970, now released on SACD [PTC 5186229]
A work that took almost two years (1970-1971) to complete, The Prostitute Raab was also given the form of a quadraphonic spatial installation and later on was performed as music theatre.
For the effect of horses bounding across the landscape, Zalewski's plan for the one effect necessitated that the theatre purchase a quadraphonic sound system.
That can be annoying for consumers when they realize that, say, the quadraphonic stereo they purchased was a waste of money.
Hosted, of course, by legendary prog-rock band Yes, the day-into-night Yestival will be presented, in full quadraphonic sound, on Saturday, Aug.
The evening opened very effectively in this way with Mahler's fanfare The Great Summons; and in the second half, new conductor Philip Harper's arrangement of The Little Drummer Boy - styled after Ravel's Bolero - also created a quadraphonic effect.
following may sustain a producer's copyright: (1) quadraphonic panning, (2) equalizing, (3) changing the highs and lows, (4) providing
This year we have more video material with some psychedelic themes, a redesigned light show, the inflatables and quadraphonic surround sound all of which is controlled by Colin Norfield, who handled Pink Floyd's Division Bell tour," says Jason, giving me a sneak peek at what we can expect.
This year we have more video material with some psychedelic themes, a redesigned light show, the inflatables and quadraphonic 'surround' sound; all of which is controlled by Colin who handled Pink Floyd's 'Division Bell' tour," said Jason.