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 (kwŏd′rət, -răt′)
1. Printing A piece of type metal lower than the raised typeface, used for filling spaces and blank lines. Also called quad2.
2. Any of a group of small, usually rectangular plots of land used for sampling the occurrence of species or of archaeological artifacts.

[Middle English, a square geometric instrument, rectangular area; see quadrate.]


1. (Botany) ecology an area of vegetation, often one square metre, marked out for study of the plants in the surrounding area
2. (Environmental Science) the frame used to mark out such an area
[C14 (meaning "a square"): variant of quadrate]


(ˈkwɒd rət)

2. a square or rectangular plot of land marked off for the study of plants and animals.
[1675–85; variant of quadrate]


a plot of land, square or rectangular, marked off or set out for the study of plant or animal life.
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NEC Display Solutions announced the acquisition of S quadrat , a leading provider of LED solutions, as the company looks to expand its display technology portfolio to include complete LED systems for indoor (fine pitch) and outdoor solutions, designed and engineered in Germany.
On the fourth day of the tournament, the quadrat of Maryam Al Jaber, Sara Marzooqi and Maryam Salmeen secured the archery team gold medal, beating runners-up Sharjah Ladies Club and third-placers Al Ain.
Coverage sampling: A visual estimate was performed within a quadrat of 50 cm X 50 cm with a 5 X5 grid placed at each of the three sampling levels (H, M, L) along the transect line, following a similar criterion as Parada et al.
Mussels were collected from each quadrat, using timed tactile and visual searches to locate mussels on the surface, and extending approximately 8 cm into the substrate.
In addition, each 50 m transect had one 15 x 15 m quadrat and each 100 m transect had two 15 x 15 m quadrats.
The collection of orthopterans was carried out by sweep netting, using 300 sweeps within each quadrat in each meadow.
To determine distribution patterns and densities (abundance per cubic meters) of Atlantic silverside larvae in the field, 4 sampling devices were used: 1) a cylindrical polycarbonate quadrat (with a diameter of 0.
Within each of these sites, each habitat type was sampled using a 200 m2 sampling unit; either a 10 m x 20 m quadrat or a 2 m x 100 m belt transect.
The first quadrat covered 1-50 meters, the second quadrat covered 51100 meters and the third quadrat covered 101-150 meters from the shoreline.
In 1995 the biomass of vegetation in each quadrat was also determined on 21-26 July.