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 (kwŏd′rət, -răt′)
1. Printing A piece of type metal lower than the raised typeface, used for filling spaces and blank lines. Also called quad2.
2. Any of a group of small, usually rectangular plots of land used for sampling the occurrence of species or of archaeological artifacts.

[Middle English, a square geometric instrument, rectangular area; see quadrate.]
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1. (Botany) ecology an area of vegetation, often one square metre, marked out for study of the plants in the surrounding area
2. (Environmental Science) the frame used to mark out such an area
[C14 (meaning "a square"): variant of quadrate]
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(ˈkwɒd rət)

2. a square or rectangular plot of land marked off for the study of plants and animals.
[1675–85; variant of quadrate]
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a plot of land, square or rectangular, marked off or set out for the study of plant or animal life.
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The restaurant is in the former stables of the building, named Quadrat. There are reminders of this scattered throughout the dining area, such as brass horse-head door knockers hanging on the walls.
To better understand the relationship between exotic species abundance with native plant diversity and physical factors in eastern prairie communities, an analysis of sampled quadrat data was performed to address the following: (1) At what abundance is exotic species cover present within the prairie communities; and (2) Does the amount of native plant diversity, including species richness and evenness, functional group richness, and functional group similarity, potentially influence the abundance (percent cover) of exotic species in these communities at the alpha (quadrat) and gamma (site) spatial scales?
A long each transect, six one-square-meter quadrat were surveyed, 36quadrats per site.
The party, in a statement made available to the Tribune Online on Tuesday by its Acting Director of Media Relations, Alhaja Quadrat Adewoyin, the meeting held at the Popoyemoja Palace of the Olubadan was a sign of good things to come to the ancient city.
On the fourth day of the tournament, the quadrat of Maryam Al Jaber, Sara Marzooqi and Maryam Salmeen secured the archery team gold medal, beating runners-up Sharjah Ladies Club and third-placers Al Ain.
Percent coverage by species was estimated within an open square polyvinyl chloride (PVC) quadrat 0.50 m by 0.50 m (0.25 [m.sup.2]).
Frequency is defined as the probability or chance of finding a plant species in a given sample area or quadrat. It is calculated with the formula below.
Estimation of population can be determined from collected data such as the size of study area, size of quadrat, and the number of sea cucumbers per quadrat [15].
Coverage sampling: A visual estimate was performed within a quadrat of 50 cm X 50 cm with a 5 X5 grid placed at each of the three sampling levels (H, M, L) along the transect line, following a similar criterion as Parada et al.
After all live and dead mussels were collected from the quadrat, the quadrat was flipped and the next area was surveyed.