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adj. Mathematics
Of, relating to, or containing quantities of the second degree.

[From quadrate.]

quad·rat′ic n.
quad·rat′i·cal·ly adv.
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in a quadratic manner
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Soybean grain yield in the 2013/14 growing season varied quadratically with the increment in seeding rate, and the point of maximum technical efficiency occurred at approximately 340 thousand plants [ha.sup.-1], below this density, there was probably lower utilization of environmental resources--water, light and nutrients -, because of the lower amount of plants, although at very high densities plant yield was limited by the intraspecific competition, causing the reduction of yield per individual to be more expressive than the increase in the number of plants per area.
(i) sliding motion (9) is quadratically stable with upper bound [[alpha].sup.*]; that is, for any given [bar.[alpha]], find out the upper bound [[alpha].sub.*] so that for all a satisfying [bar.[alpha]] < [alpha] < [[alpha].sup.*], sliding motion (9) is quadratically stable;
In the plant, the Mn content in the leaves increased linearly in the -Si soil, and quadratically, with more discrete increments in the +Si soil, as a function of Mn dose raising (Figure 1).
Hence, as observed in [24], if the correction equation is solved exactly, the method converges as fast as Rayleigh quotient iteration (that is quadratically for nonsymmetric systems).
Under short day conditions, quality in both grasses increased quadratically in response to N.
1) The concentrations of C14:1, C15:1 in the egg yolk lipids were decreased linearly and quadratically, whereas C18:0, C22:4,c9-t11-CLA, t10-c12-CLA were increased linearly and quadratically; CI 2:0, C16:0, C17:0, C20:0, SFA, Polyunsaturated fatty acid, CLA were increased linearly; the C18:1, C24:1, MUFA, C22:4, C22:6 were decreased linearly.
Commercial dressing percentage and subcutaneous fat thickness, however, were related quadratically (P<0.001) to slaughter weight, being highest for lambs slaughtered after weaning (SW).
Therefore, all known features are valid: The iteration converges locally and quadratically to one of the roots.
However, the TEARS values of 10 d stored breast meat decreased linearly (p<0.01) and quadratically (p<0.01) with increasing dietary OE levels (Table 7).
Both in the presence and in the absence of subsoiling, rice yield increased quadratically with the increments in compaction pressure on the sowing furrow (Table 3), with maximum estimated values of 3,965 and 3,277 kg [ha.sup.-1], obtained at the pressures of 248.1 and 243.7 kPa, respectively.