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 (kwŏd′rət, -răt′)
1. Printing A piece of type metal lower than the raised typeface, used for filling spaces and blank lines. Also called quad2.
2. Any of a group of small, usually rectangular plots of land used for sampling the occurrence of species or of archaeological artifacts.

[Middle English, a square geometric instrument, rectangular area; see quadrate.]


1. (Botany) ecology an area of vegetation, often one square metre, marked out for study of the plants in the surrounding area
2. (Environmental Science) the frame used to mark out such an area
[C14 (meaning "a square"): variant of quadrate]


(ˈkwɒd rət)

2. a square or rectangular plot of land marked off for the study of plants and animals.
[1675–85; variant of quadrate]


a plot of land, square or rectangular, marked off or set out for the study of plant or animal life.
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Data from 508 quadrats (1[m.sup.2]) from eight eastern prairies, including sites in both North and South Carolina, were used in this study (Fig.
The frequency that is quadrats of occurrence over all quadrat studied for each species and the relative frequency was calculated using the formula
Factors that affected the variability of the data were (1) the time it took to collect data at four quadrats each visit; (2) the distance to travel to sites, resulting in work on quadrats in the same area (it was not possible to visit each area every year nor always in the same season); and (3) the addition of new sites as the project progressed without continuous scientific oversight, making the size of the total project unwieldy.
The first day we went to the nearby salt marsh and began our first mini-study.This involved randomly sampling areas within the salt marsh using quadrats. Later in the evening we displayed our data in a variety of graphs.The next day we went to the River Eason and sampled from the source to the mouth of the river.
There was a strong positive correlation between the average values obtained for the quadrats using the pugometer, roller chain and depth of pug methods (Fig.
Other seagrass monitoring programs use a transect-based sampling design that includes estimation of species coverage with quadrats (Short et al.
Appropriate transect lines and sampling quadrats were made based on the total area of the study site for vegetation data collection.
Three quadrats measuring 10 m x 10 m were placed randomly along the transect line.
In these studies, the biomass for different fishing zones was estimated using the samples obtained by scraping the rocky surface within quadrats. Parada et al.
quadrats within the entire 200 m reach, extending across the entire width of the river for the length of the survey area.
Within the four sampling sites (Site I-IV) adjacent quadrats of 20 m x 20 m were designated (16 quadrats in Site I and II, 12 quadrats in Site III and IV, see Fig.
We characterized vegetation in 10 quadrats of 100 [m.sup.2] in each of the six previously selected study sites by using a grid over the hexagon.