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1. The process of making something square.
2. Mathematics The process of constructing a square equal in area to a given surface.
3. Astronomy A configuration in which the position of one celestial body is 90° from another celestial body as measured from a third body, typically Earth.


1. (Mathematics) maths the process of determining a square having an area equal to that of a given figure or surface
2. the process of making square or dividing into squares
3. (Astronomy) astronomy a configuration in which two celestial bodies, usually the sun and the moon or a planet, form an angle of 90° with a third body, usually the earth
4. (Electronics) electronics the relationship between two waves that are 90° out of phase


(ˈkwɒd rə tʃər, -ˌtʃʊər)

1. the act of squaring.
a. the act or process of finding a square equal in area to a given surface, esp. a surface bounded by a curve.
b. a definite integral.
a. the situation of two heavenly bodies when their longitudes differ by 90°.
b. either of the two points in the orbit of a body, as the moon, midway between the syzygies.
[1545–55; < Latin quadrātūra =quadrāt(us), past participle of quadrāre (see quadrate) + -ūra -ure]
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Noun1.quadrature - the construction of a square having the same area as some other figure
construction - drawing a figure satisfying certain conditions as part of solving a problem or proving a theorem; "the assignment was to make a construction that could be used in proving the Pythagorean theorem"


[ˈkwɒdrətʃəʳ] Ncuadratura f


n (Math, Astron) → Quadratur f
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Thine now is all this World, thy vertue hath won What thy hands builded not, thy Wisdom gain'd With odds what Warr hath lost, and fully aveng'd Our foile in Heav'n; here thou shalt Monarch reign, There didst not; there let him still Victor sway, As Battel hath adjudg'd, from this new World Retiring, by his own doom alienated, And henceforth Monarchie with thee divide Of all things, parted by th' Empyreal bounds, His Quadrature, from thy Orbicular World, Or trie thee now more dang'rous to his Throne.
In the paper, the quadrature booster is modeled using two real voltage sources.
25-micron resolution) quadrature optical encoder with differential outputs, and a non-rotating shaft.
Noise Suppression System for AM radio Receiver Using Quadrature Component of Receiving Signal," SAE Int.
weighted Hermite quadrature rule, Hermite interpolation, Gaussian quadrature, divided differences, distribution of nodes
In order to design a broadband quadrature power divider, over the frequency range from [f.
Output versions include analog, start/stop, SSI, Quadrature, and high-flexibility, 48-bit DyMoS that also provides true velocity.
Among the topics are the abstract framework, co-observations, quadrature rules of interpolatory type, periodic integrands, and problems.
The first Quadrature Booster will be designed and manufactured in 2012.
The digital outputs are out of phase so the outputs are in quadrature when interfaced with the proper ring-magnet design, allowing easy processing of speed and direction signals.
and made the approximation of the integral by applying standard quadrature rule meant for approximate evaluation of real definite integral(1).
It features up to 49 GPIO lines shared with six serial ports and four analog channel inputs, quadrature decoders, PWM, hardware DMA and up to four alternate pin function levels.

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