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1. Happening once in four years.
2. Lasting for four years.

quad·ren′ni·al n.
quad·ren′ni·al·ly adv.
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Winner of last year's Gilmore Artist Award, given quadrennially to a pianist along with a $300,000 prize, Levit is among the most probing young artists in classical music.
A validated semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire (sFFQ) (Willett 1998) was first administered in 1991 and sent to participants quadrennially thereafter to update dietary habits.
To encourage miners in maintaining the system by taking part in the mining process, 50 bitcoins were rewarded initially to a miner that solves the mathematical puzzle, an amount that reduces by half quadrennially (19).
(1) The database now includes some 50,000 texts selected quadrennially during U.S.
Yes, Major Howley, from Washington, was born on a leap year, and therefore celebrates his birthday quadrennially.
Markopoulos, and carried on by Beavers after Markopoulos's death in 1992--involves both an archive in Switzerland, where the work of the two filmmakers is restored and preserved exclusively on film, and a remote open-air space on the Peloponnesian peninsula where, it is envisioned, the complete cycle of Markopoulos's films--edited into a single eighty-hour work, Eniaios (1947-91)--will be projected quadrennially to a growing community of devotees from around the world.
The Asian Cup is held quadrennially. The most recent cup was just held in January in Australia with Iran ending tied for fifth place.
PP1M in Houston each February, then we alternate these biennial events: the Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum, Houston; Integrity, Repair & Rehabilitation: Fixing Pipeline Problems, Berlin; Pipeline Operations & Management Middle East, Bahrain; the International Pipeline Technology Conference, Ostend (quadrennially with Rudi Denys, University of Ghent, retired).
Since 1888, Congress has added six federal holidays, creating Decoration Day (now Memorial Day) in 1888, Labor Day in 1894, Armistice Day (now Veterans Day) in 1938, Inauguration Day in 1957 (quadrennially and only celebrated in the District of Columbia), Columbus Day in 1968, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday in 1983.
Since ICVT conferences are held quadrennially, the next conference will be in 2017 in Sweden.
The similarity of what was caught in the 2 types of traps ranged from 64.4% (SE = 3.6) in the annually burned plots to 69.2% (SE = 1.4%) in the quadrennially burned plots, but there were no significant differences in similarity among burn treatments.