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1. Happening once in four years.
2. Lasting for four years.

quad·ren′ni·al n.
quad·ren′ni·al·ly adv.
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1) The database now includes some 50,000 texts selected quadrennially during U.
Yes, Major Howley, from Washington, was born on a leap year, and therefore celebrates his birthday quadrennially.
Markopoulos, and carried on by Beavers after Markopoulos's death in 1992--involves both an archive in Switzerland, where the work of the two filmmakers is restored and preserved exclusively on film, and a remote open-air space on the Peloponnesian peninsula where, it is envisioned, the complete cycle of Markopoulos's films--edited into a single eighty-hour work, Eniaios (1947-91)--will be projected quadrennially to a growing community of devotees from around the world.
Since ICVT conferences are held quadrennially, the next conference will be in 2017 in Sweden.
In July 2011 PCAST called upon the federal government to assess quadrennially the condition of the nation's ecosystems and the social and economic value of services they provide.
4%) in the quadrennially burned plots, but there were no significant differences in similarity among burn treatments.
It's one thing not to learn from history, quite another to condemn us--as Nader quadrennially endeavors--to repeat it.
section] 220511 (requiring the committee to report to the president and Congress of the United States quadrennially regarding the extent to which it has fulfilled its intended purposes); see also id.
On this, the quadrennially central fact of life for Iowans and wanna-be Iowans, a group of bright, informed, experienced people inside The Des Moines Register had once again come together to hash out a decision.
In 2004 the House of Assembly amended the House of Assembly Act to provide for fixed election dates quadrennially on the second Tuesday of October.
He enjoys seeing pileated woodpeckers outside his office window and quadrennially prognosticating about the summer Olympics using nothing more than economics.
As a general rule, political experts say, parties in early presidential primary states tend to have effective organizations and effective chairs--with the nation's top campaign talent descending on the state quadrennially, some chairs are able to capitalize to help build or sustain their parties.