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Of or relating to geometric surfaces that are defined by quadratic equations.


(ˈkwɒdrɪk) maths
1. (Mathematics) having or characterized by an equation of the second degree, usually in two or three variables
2. (Mathematics) of the second degree
(Mathematics) a quadric curve, surface, or function


(ˈkwɒd rɪk)

adj. n.
2. a surface such as an ellipsoid or paraboloid as defined by a second-degree equation in three real variables.
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Noun1.quadric - a curve or surface whose equation (in Cartesian coordinates) is of the second degree
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
hyperboloid - a quadric surface generated by rotating a hyperbola around its main axis
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Heckbert, "Surface simplification using quadric error metrics," in Proc.
It addresses the aforementioned updating issue by converting the problem to that of minimizing several quadric functions iteratively, in which energies can be expressed in a simpler manner and their derivatives form a linear system.
At the core of this conceptualization, one may find the tension between dialectical dimensions, concrete/abstract and active/reflective, which is solved by mental operations of grasping experience and its transformation, by considering learning as a spiral quadric cycle where people learn through experience, which support the translation of experiences into concepts, allowing their application in new experiences: concrete experience, abstract conceptualization, reflective observation and active experimentation.
Designed by Rene Barba for Ligne Roset, Quadric is perfectly monochromatic, yet doesn't take itself too seriously.
A surface of order two is called a quadratic or quadric surface and consists of surfaces such as ellipsoids, paraboloids and hyperboloids, which include the classic MINIMAX saddle surfaces.
n] is the quotient of the quadric Q := {(-, *) = 1} of [D.
Regressions include a quadric time trend, individual fixed effects, employer tenure, employer tenure squared, age, and age squared.
This represents that the quadric equation of X6 is not adequate to capture the relationship between the service satisfaction levels and X6.
Quadric curve changes were observed in Sphaerochaeta and Ruminobacter genus ([P.
X] = m, then X is a smooth quadric hypersurface [Q.
Comparacion con el metodo de simplificacion de Quadric Error Metrics (QEM)