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4% presented as ascending paralysis, simultaneous quadriparesis and paraparesis respectively.
In this paper, we report a case of recurrent flaccid quadriparesis due to dRTA as a presenting symptom of a patient who, upon evaluation, was diagnosed to have pSS.
Among the most frequent symptoms and signs are macrocrania, eye anomalies, spasticity, developmental delay, ataxia-walking difficulties, headache, nausea, lethargy, seizures, cranial nerve palsy, and quadriparesis (8).
A 38-year-old female patient presented to the emergency department with a three-day history of dyspnea and progressive quadriparesis.
Guillain-Barre Syndrome is the most common cause of acute and subacute flaccid quadriparesis.
Because of her spared pupils and normal accommodation reflex, bulbar sign, and progressive quadriparesis, we started treatment with the impression of myasthenic crisis.
Clinical, epidemiologic, and laboratory data for TBE cases, Israel * Variable Case-patient 1 Case-patient 2 Destination Austria Germany, Switzerland Probable area Salzburgland Baden-Wurttemberg of exposure Month of travel 2014 Jun 2012 Sep Duration of 3 14 travel, d Duration of 1 h 4 d probable exposure to tick habitat Recorded tick Yes No bite Neurologic Diplopia [right Dysphagia, manifestations arrow] stupor, dysgeusia, during acute aphasia, bilateral facial phase quadriparesis nerve paralysis Neurologic Complete motor Complete recovery outcome at 6 mo recovery, difficulty in complex tasks, depression.
Examination revealed bilateral facial-nerve palsies, quadriparesis, global areflexia, absence of proprioception, and patchy loss of sensation below T4.
Rarely patient can develop quadriparesis which needs to be differentiated from Guillian-Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis and spinal cord compression.
12,16] Although an MRI scan was not performed, the patient did not have pseudobulbar paralysis or spastic quadriparesis, which are classic features of myelinolysis.
He was diagnosed with, among other things, spastic quadriparesis (a form of cerebral palsy), developmental delays, ventricular asymmetry, delayed myelination, microcephaly, aortic stenosis, malformed bicuspid valve, tracheomalacia and impaired visual function.

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