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The measures include the raising of the monthly benefit received by 750 quadriplegic persons from e1/4854,30 to e1/4900, while those quadriplegics who have additional needs due to life-threatening health-related complications from their disability will be entitled an allowance of e1/41,100 per month.
Sweida, SANA -- Syrian inventor Ajwad Hassan Shujaa has designed a prototype of a wheelchair controlled by head motion to enable quadriplegics and amputees to move around independently using the movement of their head, which directs the movement of the wheelchair without the need for any assistance from another person.
Created by a spinal-cord injury doctor and a pair of engineers, the Tetra Universal Controller allows quadriplegics and tetraplegics to use a sip-and-puff controller or joystick to drive their own ski chair or sailboat.
Bank, Station 162 will be Oregon's first independent lifestyle apartments for seniors and the disabled, including quadriplegics, in suburban Gresham and will be a national model for lower-cost, self-directed living.
Quadriplegics from Colorado, Michigan and Arizona, among other states, have traveled to St.
I thought the Court of Appeals justices who handled the quadriplegics plea of innocence were more intelligent than the judge.
"In a few years, the quadriplegics and the amputees, it's just going to help," she said.
For instance, Capuchin monkeys have been trained to assist quadriplegics and other individuals with extensive spinal cord injuries.
In the next stage of tests carried out by Professor Nachum Soroker of Loewenstein Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Raanana, quadriplegics and locked-in patients used the device.
TWO years ago Murderball won an Oscar nomination for documenting how quadriplegics can be determined to play violent, full-contact rugby from their wheelchairs.
Capuchins have already been trained to be companions to quadriplegics, brushing their hair, serving them food and turning off lights.
Pending the success of a recently-launched pilot study involving quadriplegics and a neural interface system--the BrainGate[TM] System--severely physically disabled people may be provided with new opportunities that would allow them more freedoms than ever before.