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1. A quadcopter.
2. A VTOL aircraft having four rotors that tilt up to provide lift for takeoff and can then be tilted forward for propulsion while in flight.

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A Parrot AR.Drone quadrotor was commanded from a computer via WiFi link using the AR.Drone Autonomy ROS package (2) or in simulation using Gazebo (Koenig and Howard 2004) as well as MORSE-Blender.
The drone is powered by a newly designed quadrotor mounted on mobile arms that fold around the main frame, and has four propellers that rotate independently.
HELIPELLER has announced the unveiling of Flyball, its new G brand two-seater quadrotor manned vehicle, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 3, 2018-HELIPELLER unveils Flyball quadrotor manned vehicle
Travel Business Review-October 3, 2018-HELIPELLER unveils Flyball quadrotor manned vehicle
Caption: Student-researcher from Carnegie Mellon University remotely maneuvers quadrotor micro-air vehicle through narrow hallways of Naval Research Laboratory's ex-USS Shadwell to smoke-filled, GPS-denied area to identify fire's location and transmit data back to research team, Mobile, Alabama, November 5, 2014 (U.S.
Nonlinear robust adaptive tracking control of a quadrotor UAV via immersion and invariance methodology.
(25) In January 2015, a quadrotor UAV crash landed on the White House lawn and three months later a gyrocopter--the size of a larger UAV--landed on the lawn near the US Capitol, flying unimpeded through restricted airspace.
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