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 (kwŏf, kwăf, kwôf)
v. quaffed, quaff·ing, quaffs
To drink (a beverage) heartily: quaffed the ale with gusto.
To drink a liquid heartily: quaffed from the spring.
A hearty draft of liquid.

[Origin unknown.]

quaff′er n.
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Noun1.quaffer - a person who drinks heartily
drinker - a person who drinks liquids
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He more than intimated that it was at his option to concoct a liquid that should prolong life for years, perhaps interminably; but that it would produce a discord in Nature which all the world, and chiefly the quaffer of the immortal nostrum, would find cause to curse.
Bright strawberry and watermelon flavors and crisp acidity make it a real quaffer.
It appeals to both men and women, to both the connoisseur and the quaffer in fact, to anyone whos after something thats authentic and real.
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Bogle always over-delivers on quality and price; creamy with hints of apple and pear; affordable everyday quaffer ($10)
Soon after it was published, genial, rotund quaffer of ale Toby was being featured in paintings and prints of the day with foaming quart in one hand and clay pipe in the other.
99 Score: 7/10 With a burnished gold colour and a light, delicate mousse, this is unbeatable for a Christmas party quaffer.
At ground level, Tempus has become a hot spot for trendies, refugees from Harvey Nichols and the more discerning quaffer.
While agreeing that short skin contact and low temperature mean less varietal extraction, he also thinks the generic, quaffer quality of many roses reflects the (low) quality of the fruit and the (lack of) care in the winemaking.
And the quirky quaffer said the Cumberland Arms, in Byker, is one of the best pubs he's ever set foot in.