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 (kwăg′ə, kwŏg′ə)
An equid (Equus quagga subsp. quagga) of southern Africa, extinct since the late 1800s. It was brownish with stripes only on the head, neck, and front of the body.

[Earlier Afrikaans (now spelled kwagga), from Khoikhoi !ua-xa, perhaps imitative of its braying.]
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n, pl -gas or -ga
(Animals) a recently extinct member of the horse family (Equidae), Equus quagga, of southern Africa: it had a sandy brown colouring with zebra-like stripes on the head and shoulders
[C18: from obsolete Afrikaans, from Khoikhoi qǔagga; compare Xhosa i-qwara something striped]
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(ˈkwæg ə, ˈkwɒg ə)

an extinct equine mammal, Equus quagga, of S Africa, related to and resembling the zebra, but striped only on the forepart of the body and the head.
[1775–85; < Afrikaans]
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Noun1.quagga - mammal of South Africa that resembled a zebraquagga - mammal of South Africa that resembled a zebra; extinct since late 19th century
Equus, genus Equus - type genus of the Equidae: only surviving genus of the family Equidae
equid, equine - hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck
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The quagga, though so plainly barred like a zebra over the body, is without bars on the legs; but Dr.
In Lord Moreton's famous hybrid from a chestnut mare and male quagga, the hybrid, and even the pure offspring subsequently produced from the mare by a black Arabian sire, were much more plainly barred across the legs than is even the pure quagga.
Then I saw what had happened; we had stumbled upon a herd of sleeping quagga, on to the back of one of which Good actually had fallen, and the brute naturally enough got up and made off with him.
Quaggas have been gone since the 1880s, (http://www.ibtimes.com/animals-have-gone-extinct-last-150-years-thanks-hunters-2560855) pushed into extinction as European settlers in southern Africa hunted them for their meat and their fur.
"Since 2001, the chlorophyll has been nibbled away on the edges, right where the quaggas are," said Kerfoot.
Gourlay, who emigrated to Durban from Glasgow as a kid, made headlines following the match between the British Lions and the Quaggas back in 1974.He needed a police escort to protect him from fans in Johannesburg after awarding a dubious late try that enabled the tourists to win 20-16.
To find out if quaggas were related to plains zebras, scientist Russel Higuchi of the University of California at Berkeley analyzed a fragment of DNA (genetic code) from dried blood samples found in the preserved skin of a stuffed quagga.
Known as quaggas (pronounced kwok-ka), the animals were hunted to extinction at the end of the 19th century.
THEY'VE been extinct for more than a hundred years, but Reinhold Rau is crackers about quaggas.
Rather than the more fashionably modern dense medium separation (DES) systems now employed by most large diamond recovery operations, the rotary pans were chosen in preference by Redaurum in light of the cost-effectiveness of such units at the company's River Ranch joint venture in Zimbabwe and the wholly-owned Quaggas Kop operation in South Africa.