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intr.v. quaked, quak·ing, quakes
1. To shake or tremble, as from instability or shock.
2. To shiver or shudder, as with cold or from strong emotion. See Synonyms at shake.
1. An instance of quaking.
2. An earthquake.

[Middle English quaken, from Old English cwacian.]

quak′y adj.


adj, quakier or quakiest
inclined to quake; shaky; tremulous
ˈquakily adv
ˈquakiness n


(ˈkweɪ ki)

adj. quak•i•er, quak•i•est.
tending to quake; shaky or tremulous.
quak′i•ly, adv.
quak′i•ness, n.
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Marked by or affected with tremors:


adj, quakily
advzitternd, zitt(e)rig
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But even these narrower claims are quaky and would have wide implications, given the prevalence of contaminants in water supplies in the United States, and the complexities of setting water quality standards.
With a solitary thunk of antler against branch, the bull vanished like a ghost into the tangled morass of deadfall and quaky saplings.
Well you can't be moving to Germany," his sister said, her lips forming a quaky and lopsided smile, "It's kind of scary there, even--"
Suddenly I could feel as well as hear the soft clattering of quaky leaves, as the early uphill draft made them shiver and shake.
The trend toward miniaturization in electronic packaging demands ever smaller interconnects that deliver high quaky performance.