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1. Having the appropriate qualifications for an office, position, or task.
2. Limited, restricted, or modified: a qualified plan for expansion.

qual′i·fied′ly (-fīd′lē, -fī′ĭd-lē) adv.
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Given what I have just said about a virtual consensus acknowledging the relevance of Founding-era history, here I refer more qualifiedly to "at least some interpreters" because, as Part I emphasized, the original intent, original understanding, and original public meaning represent different objects of historical inquiry.
In Rerum Novarum, Leo qualifiedly accepted the rights of workers to organize with the important, and now almost entirely overlooked, proviso that socialism and communism, and not necessarily capitalism, were the most pressing dangers facing workers, and indeed entire societies, in the rapidly changing economic, social, cultural, and political milieus of the late nineteenth century.
Leaving aside the issues of atheism and how God's existence may be known through reason (and how the virtue of faith may grant knowledge of the preambles to the articles of faith), one might argue that Lonergan's position is qualifiedly consonant with the late Scholastic attempt to defend the integrity of man's intellectual nature with respect to the gratuitous gift that is gratia elevans.
The court held that individual correctional officials were qualifiedly immune from the prisoner's claim for damages based on the officials' preventing the prisoner from participating in such activities, where the rights of the prisoner, who observed the NGE faith, to hold study group classes, wear certain articles of clothing or emblems, and observe NGE holy days, were not clearly established First Amendment rights, given that department of corrections protocols did not specifically protect such religious activities.
The court found that the prisoner failed to satisfy burden of showing that failure on the part of the Commissioner of the MDOC to train employees to prevent such mistakes was objectively unreasonable in light of clearly established law, and the Commissioner was qualifiedly immune from liability under [section] 1983 on a failure-to-train theory, given evidence that the employees of the MDOCs records department had all attended training sessions with a lawyer to ensure that they better understood court orders.
17) Then, paralleling his development of the ideas of human rights and international society, Leo XIII began to discuss democracy more favorably, though still qualifiedly.
dissenting) ("[T]he law of a territory governs the conduct and qualifiedly the status of persons, resident and nonresident, within it except in the extraordinary situation where the localization of persons and conduct is adventitious.