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Noun1.qualifying adjective - an adjective that ascribes to its noun the value of an attribute of that noun (e.g., `a nervous person' or `a musical speaking voice')
adjective - a word that expresses an attribute of something
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AS do most who write on the subject, Jack Fletcher of Chopwell fails to include the qualifying adjective "relative" before the word "poverty" (Feedback, May 7).
'I feel that it then becomes a qualifying adjective and limits me from doing more things that I know I can.
The twisted psychosexual Daimler approach can be seen most clearly in Innocence (the qualifying adjective debauched is very clearly implied).
In a way, this colour can be linked with the qualifying adjective that is part of the title itself "star", the sparkling brilliant white object hanging from the firmament.
I was a little disconcerted, even irritated, that individuals such as Ian Callum, Design Director at 'the Jaguar' of today, who has provided the foreword to the book, are simply described as 'designers' without a qualifying adjective. I readily acknowledge the artistry and creativity of such talented people.
Allow me to rephrase that: where does Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) place the emphasis -- on "national", "democratic", "party" or on the ever-present qualifying adjective "ruling"?
In a subsequent speech at the University of Frankfurt, where he explained the ECB's monetary policy in greater detail, he presented a relatively skeptical assessment of the first pillar, calling it "important but not all-encompassing," in contrast to the monetary pillar which he called "prominent" with no further qualifying adjective attached.
This assertion ignores the considerable progress that has been made in integrating TK and science over the past several years, and the qualifying adjective "Western" provides scope for all sorts of mischief.