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A homogeneous polynomial having two or more variables.

[Latin quantus, how much; see quantity + -ic.]


(Mathematics) maths a homogeneous polynomial in two or more variables with constant coefficients
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Noun1.quantic - a homogeneous polynomial having at least two variables
homogeneous polynomial - a polynomial consisting of terms all of the same degree
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It turns out that such classes are closed under quantic quotients.
He has used his BBC 6 Music show, The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club, to showcase previous Mostly favourites, including Smoove and Turrell and Quantic.
9 (2) $ 749 NA (2012) Image Metrics NA NA NA Eclair NA NA Sony (2014) 4 132 (2008) 6 662 Group NA multimedia level Quantic Dream NA NA NA Technicolor NA 3 500 [euro] NA (2012) Vivendi (2013) NA 22 135 [euro] NA Ymagis (2013) 47.
Offering a diverse range of products and services under three key trading brands, AFX Capital caters for retail forex and metals trading clients under its SuperTradingOnline brand, introducing brokers and institutional partners under AFX Affiliates, whilst portfolio management is provided by Quantic.
More than 30 industry partners will help QuantIC s imaging systems bring new benefits to the UK economy.
A top drawer melting pot, Hot Border Special feature musicians from The Noisettes, Quantic, Heliocentrics, JetTricks and more, and promise a live performance which is nothing short of exhilarating.
It samples the Quantic Soul Orchestra's 2003 single of the same name and does what it says on the tin at midnight in a sweaty club.
Quantic Dream's Beyond Two Souls has been revealed at the PlayStation 4 February 2013 event which showcased David Cage's demo.
As I have explained in my earlier publications, the bioclock activity of genes are "switched on and off by proteins that are assembled in molecular sequences via quantic events.
Visionaries and experts who addressed the attending audience on day one included David Glasser, chief operating officer of The Weinstein Company; producer of the 'Bridget Jones's Diary' Jonathan Cavendish; actor and thespian Stephen Lang; David Linde, CEO of Lava Bear; Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Co-CEO, Quantic Dream; and CGI leader Dr Paul Debevec.
com BEYOND: TWO SOULS (PS3, Quantic Dream) THIS must be one of the final PS3 exclusives before the PS4 lands.
Cage's studio, Quantic Dreams, has created its own motion capture studio to help realise Cage's visions.