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Noun1.quantifiability - the quality of being measurablequantifiability - the quality of being measurable  
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
ratability - the quality of being capable of being rated or estimated
scalability - the quality of being scalable
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question why quantifiability and susceptibility to proof are reasons to
Satisfied with their systematic presentation of descriptive information, they never bothered to scholarly analyze the prerequisite of NPM's reform measures--the quantifiability of government outputs and results.
value of criteria such as commensurability with money, quantifiability,
Based on the parameters selected via the factorization scheme described in Section 3, parameters including subcategorization based on quantifiability were selected.
potential that for all the problems with quantifiability, data can
Electroacupuncture (EA) is a traditional complementary and alternative medicine approach with the advantages of safety, efficiency, and quantifiability to ameliorate inflammatory pain [22, 23].
Biodiversity reporting and sustainability reports are influenced by neutralization techniques and impression management schemes for no less than these integrative grounds: the reputational risks, associated with the intensifying institutional constraints for conserving biodiversity, concentrate on explanations instead of undertakings in sustainability reporting, organizational acquirement of information, and absence of quantifiability of biodiversity performance.
There are restrictions to economic valuation which stem not only from shortcomings and limits of methods, but also from a lack of measurability and quantifiability of ecological processes (which is, of course, not an economic issue).
former react by embracing quantifiability whilst the latter prefer to
Joyce, who is well aware of this no-go result, thinks that a quantifiability constraint on epistemic accuracy should be relaxed to accommodate imprecision.