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tr.v. quan·ti·tat·ed, quan·ti·tat·ing, quan·ti·tates
To determine or measure the quantity of.

[Back-formation from quantitative (analysis).]

quan′ti·ta′tion n.


vb (tr)
1. (Biology) to quantify
2. (Medicine) to quantify


(ˈkwɒn tɪˌteɪt)

v.t. -tat•ed, -tat•ing.
to determine the quantity of, esp. with precision.
quan`ti•ta′tion, n.
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The gc-q-tof instrumentation system must be usable both for analyzing and accurately quantitating the trace amounts of known analytes in a complex matrix (targeted "target" analysis) as well as for non-target profiling of rich mixed samples (non-target metabolomics) and identification of unknown analytes.
While individually quantitating D2 and D3 isomers, the Topaz System running the Vitamin D 200M Assay Kit, also automatically differentiates between D3 epimers, providing the specificity to deliver highly accurate diagnostic results in a single analysis.
This non-exclusive license allows EPL BAS to use its Dow AgroSciences' patented intellectual property that includes Plextein, a high throughput method for detecting and quantitating multiple proteins in plants.
This assay offers a flexible, standardized, high-throughput format for quantitating the degree to which invasive cells in 3D spheroid cultures penetrate a barrier consisting of basement membrane components in response to chemo attractants and/or inhibiting compounds.
com)-- AnaSpec, EGT Group is pleased to announce the release of two assay kits for quantitating enterokinase enzymatic activity - the SensoLyte[R] 520 and SensoLyte[R] Rh110 Enterokinase Activity Assay Kits.
These proprietary assays offer a flexible, standardized, high-throughput format for quantitating the degree to which pharmacological compounds influence toxicity or tumorigenicity in an in vivo-like environment.
The test offers a broad dynamic range, capable of quantitating both very low levels of the virus (10 IU/mL) and very high levels of the virus (1 billion IU/mL) in a patient's blood.
Volume 1 contains chapters on the peripheral nervous system's structure, function, neurobiology, neuroimmunology, and pathology, and functional compartments and nerve- fiber environment, nerve conduction and electromyography, and quantitating symptoms, impairments, and outcomes.
Proteins were extracted from these cells and assays were run to test the effect of the ECM and IGF-1 on fibroblasts by quantitating proteins for MAP kinase and Akt.
The sensor may aid in quantitating attached bacteria and in defining or extending operating cycle times for the industry.
Recently, Robert Siliciano's group has developed a complete set of reagents for quantitating reservoirs in nonhuman primates.
In what follows we discuss the notion of MESF (Molecules of Equivalent Soluble Fluorophore) as a method for quantitating fluorescence radiance in the case where quantum yields differ between the analyte and the reference solution.